Car Window Tints in Philippines – Protect Your Windows with Style

People often wonder if tinted car windows are worth investing their hard-earned money in. Well, car window tints have many benefits, Quality window tints have many benefits. For a start, they prevent harmful UV rays and harsh sunlight from entering the interiors, which is harmful to your skin. Window tints can protect your vehicle. It prevents injury from shattered glass in case of an accident. The light filtering properties of window tints enable you to drive without any glare from direct sunlight at day and at night by blocking the excessive high beams from other vehicles.

It is important to understand how to choose the right window tint for your car. After all, they can help you in various ways. The first and foremost thing is to know your options. You can visit a dedicated window tinting shop and learn about the various types of window tints. You will soon be able to narrow down the list to ones that fit your budget and requirement.

When it comes to window tints, you should not compromise on quality. Top-quality window tints elegant and long-lasting, but they come at a price. Average and low-quality window tints are less appealing, need frequent replacements, and last for few months only. Top quality UV rejection films can greatly reduce the amount of UV light that enters the interiors of your vehicle preventing health and skin problems.

The final but equally significant aspect buying window tints is to know where you should get them installed. You should only choose professional window tinting shops and vehicle service centers that have the expertise in the job. Window tinting does not require the use of any special equipment but it needs skills and experience to ensure a good finish.

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Advantages Related to Using V-Kool Tints for Your Car in Philippines

V-Kool is completely different from the traditional dark films that were previously installed on cars. Its spectral technology has revolutionized the industry of window tinting. It is the first intelligent film that has the ability to differentiate between wavelengths in the solar spectrum.

Its revolutionary technology involves a complex manufacturing process in which multiple stacks of heat reflecting materials are embedded to create the final product. It is a super clear substrate that is embedded with gold, silver and indium oxide. This allows V-Kool to function superbly and to have exceptional heat rejection qualities without appearing reflective or dark. The basis of its high performance is the wavelength selective technologies.

Traditional window films are dyed and ceramic polished, and that is why they absorb some amount of heat instead of rejecting it completely. Though they are able to reject a considerable amount of heat, the sunlight makes the glass hot. However, V-Kool films have infra-red heat rejection capabilities that keep both the glass and interior of your vehicle at an even temperature. Heat absorbing films create intensive heat build-up in the vehicle and thermal stress on the glass as well. This can lead to breakage or cracking of the glass in harsh weather conditions. All these risks are avoided when you opt for V-Kool.

V-Kool tints were originally designed for defense systems and aircrafts so that they can deflect radar waves, but this technology has now found a more practical everyday application with tints for cars. V-Kool tints come in various texture types from metallic to matte. You can install one according to the design and color of your vehicle or depending on personal preferences. However, when it comes to the shade of V-Kool tints, there is only one option that is available – clear – but this has nothing to do with its ability to reject heat and UV rays. V-Kool tints generally come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, which means you have to just install them and forget the worries of excess heat.

V-Kool tints are also slightly costlier than the standard tints, but its quality and durability comfortably compensates for this concern. It is one of the few car accessories that users do not have to worry about, thanks to the superb technology and high-quality materials that go into its manufacturing.

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Energy Efficient 3M Window Films vs. Standard Window Films – Comparison on Performance

Using window films for commercial and household purposes is the new trend as it has several benefits associated with it. Window films reduce the solar heat and glare so that you can have a comfortable environment at your workplace or home. But here are comparing special 3M window films with standard films to understand the core difference in terms of their efficiency.

3M Window Films
3M is a brand that offers various workplace and household solutions regarding the protection of appliances, various equipment, and valuable items. 3M window films are specialized window films in terms of quality and efficiency. UV rays can cause severe skin cancer and many studies have been conducted to support the fact. 3M films are able to protect you from harmful UV rays that can affect your health severely. Plus, these window films are so efficient that you would not even realize the harshness of the temperature outside your home or office. They offer you a protective environment and keep the glare and heat away from you.

3M window films are designed with special polyester materials. They are able to protect the glass panels and panes of your windows from the scratches and debris as well. The reflective qualities also protect your valuable carpets and furniture from the effects of direct sunlight. You will also be able to cut down your electricity consumption reducing your utility bills with a balanced indoor environment. All this cumulatively results in significant savings for your hard earned money. Tinted 3M window films can also protect your privacy and they can also be used as a safety tool. Outsiders cannot see through the glass to peek at any potential valuables inside or determine who is home.

Standard Window Films: Standard window films offer the same protection like 3M window films but their efficiency is, however, lowered. Standard window films also cost less than 3M ones. That is also indicative of their relatively reduced performance. Plus, the material used in making standard window films is not effective against harsh heat and sunlight. You can still expect moderately decent performance from standard window films that are available on a local store near you. But they are not as good or as efficient as a 3M window film.

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Protect Your Skin with Residential Window Film

Your home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make in your lifetime, so it makes sense to have protective measures to prevent undue deterioration and for increased privacy and security in the long run. One of the ways that you can protect yourself and your property is by applying a high-quality residential window film on all your glass windows. UV light from the sun is one of the reasons why furniture fades. It causes unwanted sunburn, premature skin aging, skin cancer, and eye damage, too. Residential window films can block up to 99 percent of UV light and minimize heat. That way, you can prolong the paint and color of your furniture and some of your home décor, while ensuring the longevity of your interior paint. It will provide an additional layer of sunscreen to help reduce your risk of permanent vision problems and skin cancer.

If you are constantly indoors but you notice that your skin is still becoming dark, then it could be caused by the sun’s UV rays going through your glass windows. UV light may remain in your home (especially in an enclosed space), creating a greenhouse effect that could intensify the heat and it has negative effects on your skin. You can prevent this by installing the right residential window film that can block most of the UV rays.

Modern window films can reject up to 82 percent of solar energy so that it does not enter your home and heat it up. This will help regulate heat and manage hot spots in certain rooms where the sun is likely to shine on certain times of the day. The film may help reduce interior heat, too, so you can be more comfortable indoors and your air-conditioning can cool the room more efficiently.

Residential window film specialists in the Philippines can provide high-end window tints with a high level of solar protection to help minimize energy consumption and costs. Consider buying residential window film from a reputable provider that has at least three decades of experience in manufacturing and selling high-quality tints that fit a wide range of applications.

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Here’s the Science Behind a Perfect 3M Tint in the Philippines

3M tint films are becoming popular in the Philippines for all the right reasons. Car owners, homeowners and commercial property owners are applying these films on their windows for the amazing benefits they offer. But what are these benefits and how do they work? Read on to find out.

Benefits of 3M Tint Films

Some of the advantages of these films are:

  • Reduce glare from the sun
  • Reduce heat gain in the summer months and heat loss in the winter months
  • Block up to 98% of the harmful UV rays
  • Provide clear visibility
  • Prevent glass pieces to get inside when the window is damaged
  • Reduce the problem of fading of furniture and fabric colors
  • Energy efficiency and great savings on electricity costs

How do these films work?

Standard colored or dyed films work on the principal of absorbing the radiation from the sun. The color of these films absorbs the radiation and reduces its direct transmission inside the car or a room. While these films do offer marginal protection, they are not as effective as 3M films which work on the reflective principal. Moreover, over long durations, standard films accumulate an intense amount of heat that increases thermal stress and may even break or crack the windows.

Special Coating

3M tint films minimize the amount of heat transmission by enhancing solar absorption as well as solar reflection. These films are metal coated to increase the solar reflection and absorption ability of glass substantially. Moreover, they also have a coating of patented abrasion resistant material for enhanced durability and to improve the appearance of your window.

If you are in the Philippines and are looking for 3M tint films, get in touch with an authorized retailer to know more about these films, how they can benefit you and the different options that can provide you. You can also check online for a reputed retailer who provides these films right to your doorstep. You can check from the range of options they provide on the site and select the ones that you know best match your needs.

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Reasons for Tinting Your Car Windows

Car tints can give you more privacy, helping to prevent prying eyes from seeing what is inside your vehicle. But the benefits of car tinting go well beyond this. In fact, high quality car tinting can give you benefits such as safety, health protection, and better gas mileage. Here is an in-depth look the reasons why you should consider tinting your car windows:

1.    Prevent overheating – High-quality car tint will reflect heat instead of absorbing it and letting it affect the interior of your vehicle. The interior of your car can be up to 60 percent cooler even when the sun is too bright or hot outside.

2.    Protect your skin – The sun’s ultraviolet rays are often responsible for skin diseases, darkening, sunburn, and cancer. Tinting your vehicle windows can prevent up to 99 percent of these harmful rays from harming your skin.

3.    Protect your car interior – UV rays can cause some colors to fade and affect the quality of your upholstery. Proper tinting will prevent warping, cracking, and fading of fabrics or leather.

4.    Avoid glare – It can be annoying to drive with the sun’s glare. You might even get into an accident if the sun prevents you from seeing clearly. Tinting your car windows will reduce glare and shield your eyes from heat and UV rays that can cause cataracts and other eye disorders.

5.    Shatter-proof your windows – Some car window tints offer superb shatter proofing, so the glass will not instantly break into several little pieces in case you get into an accident. This may help protect you and your passengers, too.

6.    Security – Car theft is prevalent, but you can prevent thieves from seeing what is inside your vehicle with the right tint. This helps deter theft because potential robbers cannot take a good look at what valuables might be inside your vehicle.

Things You Never Know About Window Tint in the Philippines

A high-quality window tint can provide many benefits to your establishment. In the Philippines, window tints can be especially handy to protect your equipment, provide more privacy, reduce glare, decrease heat, and improve the comfort in your workplace. Are you interested in this technology? Here are some of the things you may not know about window tinting in the Philippines:

How Window Tints Work
Glass windows are barriers that protect the interior of your building from outdoor elements like the rain, wind, and dust. At the same time, they provide a natural view of what is outside. However, during daytime, solar energy, which is composed of UV rays, light, and heat, can transmit 90 percent of those components through the glass. With window tint, you can block almost 80 percent of solar energy. High-quality tint with special dyes, nano technology, or metals in the film act as a solar shield by reflecting or absorbing a percentage of energy to prevent it from going through the glass.

Uses of Window Tinting
Discerning business and property owners install window tint to their glass windows to minimize or control the negative effects of sun exposure, such as UV damage, glare, heat, and fading. When heat is minimized indoors, you can reduce your AC usage, which in turn can minimize your cooling and energy costs. Window tint protects your eyes from UV damage, and ensures better vision by reducing or preventing glare. Likewise, it helps reduce your risks for skin cancers and other conditions caused by too much exposure to UV rays.

How Window Tinting Improves the Safety of Your Building
Window tints may provide additional privacy and increase the safety of your property. Safety films can be installed to deter theft and vandalism. Tint may be unable to completely stop thieves from breaking glass, but its thickness could make it more difficult to damage the windows. Anti-graffiti film may provide additional protection to glass windows from damage caused by etching and graffiti, too.

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