Residential Window Film – Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Home is probably one of the biggest investments and property owners find the need to make their homes comfortable while offering security and privacy. Windows are one of the important features that provide homes with light, ventilation and warmth. One of the best ways to protect the occupants of the home is by installing residential window films on glass windows which also cuts down on energy bills.  Here are a few points worth considering.

Control temperature 

Residential window films help to control temperature and bring down the energy costs. Residential windows are the only source through which maximum energy is lost. Annually the cost of heating and cooling a room increases by around 50% due to the loss of energy through the glass windows. 3M window films help to save the money by cutting down on electricity bills and making homes more energy efficient.

Blocking of harsh UV rays

Reputed window tinting companies offer 3M window films that are made of special polyester materials.   3M window films installed on residential windows can block up to 99% of UV rays and harsh direct sunlight and minimize the heat. It actually controls temperature in a manner so as to avoid switching on the air conditioning units.

Keeping HVAC running costs in control

Many homes may find the need for heating during winters. Window films work both ways. The amount of heat that streams into the building is reduced to the extent of 66% during summers. During winters, the heat from inside the building is prevented from dissipating through the windows outside. This keeps the interiors warm during winters cutting down on the need for heating costs.

In addition to offering considerable savings in energy consumption, the window films help to maintain the interiors cooler from the heat of sweltering summers. The film will reduce the effects of heat and create a more comfortable indoor environment thus assisting air-conditioning to cool the space more efficiently. 3M window films are a perfect addition to any property, helping in preventing the fading of objects that are in the direct glare of sunlight streaming through the windows.


Window Tint Films – Adding Beauty to Your Windows

Undeniably, tinted windows improve the aesthetics of a car or building, along with a host of other advantages.  Darkened, tinted windows are not just a privilege of the rich and famous, or celebs who avoid the paparazzi, window tinting can help improve the value and experience inside your car regardless of its model or mileage.  Here is a brief overview of how window tints help improves your car and your residences or offices.

Aesthetic Value Unlimited

Tinting your vehicle or building windows gives a clean and finished look that cuts down on harsh glare and sunlight that can damage your health. Decorative films give cars and buildings a better contrasting look at the fraction of the cost of other solutions for darkening windows.

The Comfort Factor

Window films create a comfortable interior in your car, cooling it by up to 60% during summers. This makes drives and travelling a lot more enjoyable. Considered in the backdrop of increasing traffic snarls and hotter summers, it makes sense to travel in the cool comforts of a window tinted car.

UV Protection

Window films block 99% of the harmful UV rays from entering your car or buildings. This improves the health of the skin and shields it from damage. Through the blocking of the UV rays, window tinting serves to protect the interior upholstery from fading or discoloration.

Increased Safety

Window film tints increase privacy, by preventing others from getting an easy view of what is inside the cars. Similarly, tinted windows in residences prevents potential burglars from getting an idea of the occupants or valuables inside a building.

Window Film Tints: The Appeal of Darkened Windows

Window films enhance the look of the car or building and help to reduce energy costs in the bargain. During summers, close to 40% of the utility bill costs at office or home are attributed to heat entering through windows. Residential or commercial window tinting lowers heat by 80 percent. This reduces utility cooling costs and ensures that buildings and cars remain cool during the scorching summer months.

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Windows are an essential part of any house or office. They are needed for many purposes; one of the prominent ones is for the safety and security of your house or office. These wonderful openings are highly effective in protecting your dwelling from direct sunlight and other harsh weather conditions that might cause damage to your property. But with the increasing dangers of global warming, it has now become prudent to use 3M high quality tinted window glasses with that come with advanced technology. This allows only the required amount of sunlight to enter your office or home keeping it safe and cool. 3M window films are quite popular among homeowners and professionals due to many reasons; let’s take a sneak-peak of some of the benefits of 3M windows:

Protects from the hazardous UV rays

These tinted window films protect your property form the harmful Ultra Violet rays that are very dangerous to your skin and may cause cancer. Also, they can have bad effect on your eyes. But installing 3M window films can avoid these 99% of the UV rays to get into your house.

Keeps your office and house cool

These window films are very helpful in keeping your property cool as it averts direct sunlight to enter your office or house. Due to their cooling properties, these films are quite popular. Not only this, they will also protect your interiors from getting damaged due to direct sunlight.

Helps in lessening glares 

3M window films help in reducing glare, and lessens the unwanted heat and extra light. This helps in preventing the extreme sunlight from reaching the interiors of your home or office, thus offering soothing effect to eyes.

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3 Good Reasons to Apply Window Tinting to Your Car

Car window tints have become a necessity over the years. Many studies have highlighted the damaging effect of harsh sunlight and UV rays especially on the people who drive their vehicles. UV rays are a major cause of skin cancer and numerous other skin problems. Instead of seeing a doctor because of the problems caused by such issues, it is better to take precautions. Car window tints are possible the best possible solution for that. Car window tints protect you and your family from the severe effects of heat and UV rays. They also have some other benefits that are explained here.

Heat and UV Rejection: This is the most significant benefit of car window tints. Good-quality window tints are able to reduce up to 99% of the UV radiation and 75% of the solar heat. Such facts might seem unrealistic to some but they are quite correct. These tints do not actually absorb solar heat. Instead, they reflect it so that you are protected from high temperature and problems caused by it. People who drive regularly can appreciate the importance of protection from the intense heat that builds up in the summers even if you have the AC on.

Shatterproof Tints: High-quality window tints also come in shatterproof variants. These special tints prevent the window glass from shattering in the event of an accident. Under extreme force, normal car windows tend to shatter even if they have factory installed protection systems. These tiny shards increase the severity of the physical damage. Shatterproof window tints hold the glass shards in its place so that passengers suffer minimal harm.

Privacy and Security: Car window tints also offer decent privacy and security. With tinted films installed in your vehicle, you do not have to worry about thieves even when your car is parked in an unfamiliar parking lot. When thieves cannot see what is inside the vehicle, they hesitate from breaking in.

Savings on Fuel Expense: With high-quality window tints installed in your vehicle, you can save money on fuel expenses as well. Such tints reject most of the solar heat and keep your car cool from inside. This means you would not have to run your car AC on high even on extremely hot days. Your car will use less fuel to drive the AC and you will end up saving quite a tidy sum of money.

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Window Tint Film – Protect Yourself the Colorful Way

Window tint films are popular because of the numerous benefits they offer in addition to looking great. They can be used on the windows of a car, home, or office. While the window tints for cars can only come in a handful of shades, you can be far more creative with the window tints for your home and office.

If you plan on getting window tints for your home, you can use vibrant shades and patterns to match the decor of the room or the overall decor of your home. They add to the beauty of the home with the eye-catching designs. This can be a great little project for a home makeover without any huge investment on your part in terms of time, effort or money.

And these colorful window tints can protect your privacy since the onlookers cannot directly get a peek inside your home. High-quality window tints offer better visibility from the inside which means that your privacy is maintained while you get to enjoy the outside view well.

Another important advantage of colorful window tints can reduce the glare from sunlight that can occur near the middle of the day. Since sunlight also fades the color of furniture and furnishings, colorful window tints can also help protect them from fading and looking old.

Colorful window tints can also add to the beauty of your office space. You can use them to separate the office cabins separated by glass, on the glass windows or doors of the conference rooms. The colors for window tints are more simple in design and neutral in color to match the professional environment. The patterns are also quite different from those of window tints meant for home.

They can help regulate the amount of sunlight entering the office premises through the day. This can help the employees concentrate on their work instead of wasting time in adjusting blinds to regulate the amount of light entering at different parts of the day. Many reputed brands make window tints that can block up to 90% of the UV rays of the sun entering the window. This can be immensely beneficial to your health.

A colorful window tint is not just going to look good, it is also going to save you if the glass shatters since it prevents the shards from scattering. These colorful tints can help reduce the amount of sunlight and heat entering or leaving your home lowering your utility bills considerably.

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Car Window Tints in Philippines – Protect Your Windows with Style

People often wonder if tinted car windows are worth investing their hard-earned money in. Well, car window tints have many benefits, Quality window tints have many benefits. For a start, they prevent harmful UV rays and harsh sunlight from entering the interiors, which is harmful to your skin. Window tints can protect your vehicle. It prevents injury from shattered glass in case of an accident. The light filtering properties of window tints enable you to drive without any glare from direct sunlight at day and at night by blocking the excessive high beams from other vehicles.

It is important to understand how to choose the right window tint for your car. After all, they can help you in various ways. The first and foremost thing is to know your options. You can visit a dedicated window tinting shop and learn about the various types of window tints. You will soon be able to narrow down the list to ones that fit your budget and requirement.

When it comes to window tints, you should not compromise on quality. Top-quality window tints elegant and long-lasting, but they come at a price. Average and low-quality window tints are less appealing, need frequent replacements, and last for few months only. Top quality UV rejection films can greatly reduce the amount of UV light that enters the interiors of your vehicle preventing health and skin problems.

The final but equally significant aspect buying window tints is to know where you should get them installed. You should only choose professional window tinting shops and vehicle service centers that have the expertise in the job. Window tinting does not require the use of any special equipment but it needs skills and experience to ensure a good finish.

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Advantages Related to Using V-Kool Tints for Your Car in Philippines

V-Kool is completely different from the traditional dark films that were previously installed on cars. Its spectral technology has revolutionized the industry of window tinting. It is the first intelligent film that has the ability to differentiate between wavelengths in the solar spectrum.

Its revolutionary technology involves a complex manufacturing process in which multiple stacks of heat reflecting materials are embedded to create the final product. It is a super clear substrate that is embedded with gold, silver and indium oxide. This allows V-Kool to function superbly and to have exceptional heat rejection qualities without appearing reflective or dark. The basis of its high performance is the wavelength selective technologies.

Traditional window films are dyed and ceramic polished, and that is why they absorb some amount of heat instead of rejecting it completely. Though they are able to reject a considerable amount of heat, the sunlight makes the glass hot. However, V-Kool films have infra-red heat rejection capabilities that keep both the glass and interior of your vehicle at an even temperature. Heat absorbing films create intensive heat build-up in the vehicle and thermal stress on the glass as well. This can lead to breakage or cracking of the glass in harsh weather conditions. All these risks are avoided when you opt for V-Kool.

V-Kool tints were originally designed for defense systems and aircrafts so that they can deflect radar waves, but this technology has now found a more practical everyday application with tints for cars. V-Kool tints come in various texture types from metallic to matte. You can install one according to the design and color of your vehicle or depending on personal preferences. However, when it comes to the shade of V-Kool tints, there is only one option that is available – clear – but this has nothing to do with its ability to reject heat and UV rays. V-Kool tints generally come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, which means you have to just install them and forget the worries of excess heat.

V-Kool tints are also slightly costlier than the standard tints, but its quality and durability comfortably compensates for this concern. It is one of the few car accessories that users do not have to worry about, thanks to the superb technology and high-quality materials that go into its manufacturing.

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