Residential Window Film – Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Home is probably one of the biggest investments and property owners find the need to make their homes comfortable while offering security and privacy. Windows are one of the important features that provide homes with light, ventilation and warmth. One of the best ways to protect the occupants of the home is by installing residential window films on glass windows which also cuts down on energy bills.  Here are a few points worth considering.

Control temperature 

Residential window films help to control temperature and bring down the energy costs. Residential windows are the only source through which maximum energy is lost. Annually the cost of heating and cooling a room increases by around 50% due to the loss of energy through the glass windows. 3M window films help to save the money by cutting down on electricity bills and making homes more energy efficient.

Blocking of harsh UV rays

Reputed window tinting companies offer 3M window films that are made of special polyester materials.   3M window films installed on residential windows can block up to 99% of UV rays and harsh direct sunlight and minimize the heat. It actually controls temperature in a manner so as to avoid switching on the air conditioning units.

Keeping HVAC running costs in control

Many homes may find the need for heating during winters. Window films work both ways. The amount of heat that streams into the building is reduced to the extent of 66% during summers. During winters, the heat from inside the building is prevented from dissipating through the windows outside. This keeps the interiors warm during winters cutting down on the need for heating costs.

In addition to offering considerable savings in energy consumption, the window films help to maintain the interiors cooler from the heat of sweltering summers. The film will reduce the effects of heat and create a more comfortable indoor environment thus assisting air-conditioning to cool the space more efficiently. 3M window films are a perfect addition to any property, helping in preventing the fading of objects that are in the direct glare of sunlight streaming through the windows.


Window Tint Films – Adding Beauty to Your Windows

Undeniably, tinted windows improve the aesthetics of a car or building, along with a host of other advantages.  Darkened, tinted windows are not just a privilege of the rich and famous, or celebs who avoid the paparazzi, window tinting can help improve the value and experience inside your car regardless of its model or mileage.  Here is a brief overview of how window tints help improves your car and your residences or offices.

Aesthetic Value Unlimited

Tinting your vehicle or building windows gives a clean and finished look that cuts down on harsh glare and sunlight that can damage your health. Decorative films give cars and buildings a better contrasting look at the fraction of the cost of other solutions for darkening windows.

The Comfort Factor

Window films create a comfortable interior in your car, cooling it by up to 60% during summers. This makes drives and travelling a lot more enjoyable. Considered in the backdrop of increasing traffic snarls and hotter summers, it makes sense to travel in the cool comforts of a window tinted car.

UV Protection

Window films block 99% of the harmful UV rays from entering your car or buildings. This improves the health of the skin and shields it from damage. Through the blocking of the UV rays, window tinting serves to protect the interior upholstery from fading or discoloration.

Increased Safety

Window film tints increase privacy, by preventing others from getting an easy view of what is inside the cars. Similarly, tinted windows in residences prevents potential burglars from getting an idea of the occupants or valuables inside a building.

Window Film Tints: The Appeal of Darkened Windows

Window films enhance the look of the car or building and help to reduce energy costs in the bargain. During summers, close to 40% of the utility bill costs at office or home are attributed to heat entering through windows. Residential or commercial window tinting lowers heat by 80 percent. This reduces utility cooling costs and ensures that buildings and cars remain cool during the scorching summer months.

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Energy Efficient 3M Window Films vs. Standard Window Films – Comparison on Performance

Using window films for commercial and household purposes is the new trend as it has several benefits associated with it. Window films reduce the solar heat and glare so that you can have a comfortable environment at your workplace or home. But here are comparing special 3M window films with standard films to understand the core difference in terms of their efficiency.

3M Window Films
3M is a brand that offers various workplace and household solutions regarding the protection of appliances, various equipment, and valuable items. 3M window films are specialized window films in terms of quality and efficiency. UV rays can cause severe skin cancer and many studies have been conducted to support the fact. 3M films are able to protect you from harmful UV rays that can affect your health severely. Plus, these window films are so efficient that you would not even realize the harshness of the temperature outside your home or office. They offer you a protective environment and keep the glare and heat away from you.

3M window films are designed with special polyester materials. They are able to protect the glass panels and panes of your windows from the scratches and debris as well. The reflective qualities also protect your valuable carpets and furniture from the effects of direct sunlight. You will also be able to cut down your electricity consumption reducing your utility bills with a balanced indoor environment. All this cumulatively results in significant savings for your hard earned money. Tinted 3M window films can also protect your privacy and they can also be used as a safety tool. Outsiders cannot see through the glass to peek at any potential valuables inside or determine who is home.

Standard Window Films: Standard window films offer the same protection like 3M window films but their efficiency is, however, lowered. Standard window films also cost less than 3M ones. That is also indicative of their relatively reduced performance. Plus, the material used in making standard window films is not effective against harsh heat and sunlight. You can still expect moderately decent performance from standard window films that are available on a local store near you. But they are not as good or as efficient as a 3M window film.

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