V Kool Philippines Keep Glass & Interior of Your Vehicle Safe


In recent times, window tints are gaining popularity for their versatile utilisation. They have made their impact on the residential and commercial space for providing benefits such as blocking harmful UV rays, preventing a break- in, cooling the interior temperature and protection in severe weather conditions. But, they are not limited to home or office building  rather they are making it into the automotive space.

Automotive Window Tinting:

With the advancement in the field of technology and engineering, window tints and solar are becoming an essential part of the automobile industry. If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your automobile v kool Philippines can offer you brilliant options to choose from.

The Automotive Window Tinting will enhance the looks and make your vehicle more stylish.  And, at the same time, solar films will give all the benefits such as protecting you against the damaging effects of UV radiations.  There are different patterns, designs, shades you can choose from various options in the market.

Here is the  major importance of the Automotive Window Tinting, which is making it popular these days:

Keeping Your Car Comfortable and Cool

The ability of window tinting to reduce the temperature of the vehicle is another point in the list, which is very pertinent in the regions like the Philippines. The heat inside the car can be reduced up to 60% with the perfect window tint.

The system of window tinting can resolve the battle of the right air conditioning for all the travellers. Window film can obstruct from 35% to 65% of the solar heat, which gets built up in the car. This is dependent upon the grade. You can stabilise the climate and luxury for everyone and depend on your air conditioning.

Protecting Your Car’s Interior: Like a sunscreen protects the body from dangerous UV rays, in the similar manner car window tint would provide safety to the interior and upholstery of the car. Tint helps in keeping the interiors of the car from getting hot which protect the colour of your car from getting  fade, warp or crack. It also helps in blocking up to 90% of the UV rays.

Better Passengers Privacy: You don’t have to worry about leaving your car with valuables inside as the tinted windows will allow you full personal privacy. A wide range of shading options is  provided by the v kool Philippines. These choices will provide privacy for you and your passengers.

Improved Security: The good quality automotive tint will increase the security of the vehicle as the glass won’t shatter with an external impact. And, make it difficult for thieves and burglars to get into the car.

Certainly, these reasons make the automotive car tinting essential. Further, with the high-quality tints offered by V Kool Philippines, it helps in keeping your glass and interior of the vehicle safe.

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Do your windows require a safety film installation?

With an increase in some crimes, all commercial and residential owners have started focusing on new security initiatives from video monitoring to making window security measures stronger. Therefore, demand for installing window and safety film is increased in modern times. Safety film helps to create a layer of protection that supports glass that becomes almost difficult for robbers or extreme weather to enter. However, in the event of breakage, safety film is produced to build a sustained shatter that bonds glass fragments collectively, just like a car shield. Security or Safety films are widely used by Government bureaus and large enterprises to develop protection from possibilities of bomb blasts, weaponry shootings, and natural disasters.

 What does Safety Film consist of?

Safety film consists of a single thin sheet made up of polyester that is created either by using pressure sensitive or water stimulated acrylic adhesive. These are a spin-off of solar control films that are common in size of 7 mils or .004 to .007 inches in standard width.

However, these are accessible in transparent, solar power reflective, architecturally tinted or having ultraviolet protection.

Why there is need to install safety film or window Films in glasses?

Safety film in windows is installed to exaggerate the security of normal window glass in commercial and residential places. These are mounted on the retrofit support on the internal part of subsisting windows. There is a need for high skill experts for installing safety films in windows. After it is installed properly, it provides various benefits to family members as well as staff.

Let us discuss some benefits of Safety film and window films after installing

Protecting health of your staff and family members

This helps to protect your staff and family from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the potential for skin dryness, allergies and other skin cancers that are related to exposure to sunlight.

Providing safety and security to staff members and family

However, these help to protect your family and staff from the risk of severe damage and cuts that can happen when windows are cracked.  These risks get decreased because of safety film, as it bonds very tightly to glass and holds dangerous fragments in place against contact. Safety films exceedingly enhance persistence and endurance to fragmenting in a very inconspicuous approach.

Apart from these benefits, a safety or window film are eco-friendly. These help to reduce electric bills and reduces heating effecting inside home or workplace during summer. Therefore, safety film or windows film is more important for homes or workplace.

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Reasons That Push You to Tint Your Windows in the Philippines

When people hear window tinting, their minds automatically think about automotive applications. What many don’t realize is that the same benefits can also apply to homes and buildings. When it comes to film tint, Philippines consumers have yet to take full advantage of the many benefits of window film technologies and products at home and in their places of business. While window tints are widely applied in commercial settings, not enough homeowners are adopting window tint Philippines in their own households. If you are thinking of a way to increase comfort, enhance security, and add value in and to your home, window tinting is a practical investment to consider and here are more reasons why:

•Window tints enhance home’s privacy, leaving you with more freedom to do anything you want without having to worry about prying eyes. These seamless shades also help keep intruders and burglars at bay, preventing them from seeing into your home and curbing their housebreaking plans.

Window tint Philippines are also an excellent against extremely warm temperatures and excessive glare from the sun. Window films can dramatically reduce the amount of heat that enters the home, effectively increasing your home’s comfort level. These installations also help keep interiors dim, with just the right amount of brightness so as not to interfere with your comfort as well as the way you perform daily tasks. Homes with tinted windows also make for a more energy-efficient environment.

•Window films help provide additional protection to your interior home furnishings, preventing the harmful effects of long-term exposure to solar heat. UV rays can be extremely damaging to your home furnishings, décor, and even your flooring, speeding up their aging and wearing process.

•Many also installs window tints for their aesthetic benefits, enabling homeowners to add to the overall look and style of their home, thus enhancing its perceived value.

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Choose the Best Window Tint Film Based on Your Requirements

Window tints come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can be used for automotive applications, commercial establishments, residential homes, as well as for increasing safety and security in vehicles and buildings. When it comes to choosing the best automotive window tint for your vehicle, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. The main reason why you need to invest in a good quality window tint film is, protecting yourself as well as your car’s interior from UV damage as well as to reduce distracting glare while you are driving. Automotive window tints also work to enhance the look of your vehicle. When you are in the market for a good window tint film, consider the following criteria:

  • The level of UV protection that the tint film can provide. Different types of tint films offer varying levels of UV protection. This typically varies depending on the design and construction of the tint film in question. The best automotive window tinting films are those that reject UV and help you protect both your skin and the interior of your car from the UV rays coming from the sun.
  • The laws within your city/state. Check for laws governing tinting practices. Your city or location may have particular laws and regulations about tint color as well as other film details like reflectivity percentages, tint percentages, and other related features that may cause your vehicle to be non-compliant with rules.
  • The right supplier/installer. Choose a company that can provide you with a variety of automotive tint films that you can select from, based on your personal requirements. Find a supplier that also offers complete installation services to make sure that your automotive windows will be protected through and through with the help of the right tint film.

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How To Make Your Home Secure With Safety Film

Accidents or storms can cause windows to shatter without any warning, sending glass flying everywhere.  This can result in severe injuries to the family and cause damage to your home. Now there is a chance to protect your loved ones from such a negative occurrence. Choose security and safety film to protect your glass windows and your loved ones. The top window tint film solutions provider for your needs is now at your service. LA Windows provides the best services when it comes to home residential window tinting and safety and security film installation.

The USP of Security and Safety Films

With a thick, heavy polyester bonded by a strong adhesive, these films provide a clear yet invisible powerful barrier holding the glass in place in the likelihood of a massive impact or strong earthquake. This barrier helps to protect against the damage caused by flying shattered glass shrapnels.

Meeting Tough Industry Standards

Safety and security window films meet the highest standards of quality so you can be sure that you have a product which works wonders. It is optically clear, so you can think of it as insurance. Not just window glass, but wall mirrors too need safety and security films. Commonly called safety coating, this material refers to clear or tinted sheets that integrate with the glass during installing and prevent from breakage into shards.

Wide Range of Security Measures Needed

Given that modern day hazards are ever increasing, protection is needed against natural disasters and burglary, windstorm as well as accidental hazards too. Besides the safety factor, both tinted and clear products take in 100 percent of the UV rays of the sun to lower damage to the interiors and your furnishings. Energy savings can also be realized as a result of this.

Coating materials are not designed for DIY markets. You need a professional for the job. This is where LA Windows steps in. Secure safety films are installed with care and precision. Coatings should be protective to ensure that the interior of the home or office is safe from natural disasters, forced entries, terror attacks or storms. Safety coating is needed to prevent shattering, not just UV rays.  Windows with French mullions or grids costs more.  Warranties against cracking, peeling or discoloration are also an important consideration.

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Residential Window Film – Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Home is probably one of the biggest investments and property owners find the need to make their homes comfortable while offering security and privacy. Windows are one of the important features that provide homes with light, ventilation and warmth. One of the best ways to protect the occupants of the home is by installing residential window films on glass windows which also cuts down on energy bills.  Here are a few points worth considering.

Control temperature 

Residential window films help to control temperature and bring down the energy costs. Residential windows are the only source through which maximum energy is lost. Annually the cost of heating and cooling a room increases by around 50% due to the loss of energy through the glass windows. 3M window films help to save the money by cutting down on electricity bills and making homes more energy efficient.

Blocking of harsh UV rays

Reputed window tinting companies offer 3M window films that are made of special polyester materials.   3M window films installed on residential windows can block up to 99% of UV rays and harsh direct sunlight and minimize the heat. It actually controls temperature in a manner so as to avoid switching on the air conditioning units.

Keeping HVAC running costs in control

Many homes may find the need for heating during winters. Window films work both ways. The amount of heat that streams into the building is reduced to the extent of 66% during summers. During winters, the heat from inside the building is prevented from dissipating through the windows outside. This keeps the interiors warm during winters cutting down on the need for heating costs.

In addition to offering considerable savings in energy consumption, the window films help to maintain the interiors cooler from the heat of sweltering summers. The film will reduce the effects of heat and create a more comfortable indoor environment thus assisting air-conditioning to cool the space more efficiently. 3M window films are a perfect addition to any property, helping in preventing the fading of objects that are in the direct glare of sunlight streaming through the windows.

Here’s the Science Behind a Perfect 3M Tint in the Philippines

3M tint films are becoming popular in the Philippines for all the right reasons. Car owners, homeowners and commercial property owners are applying these films on their windows for the amazing benefits they offer. But what are these benefits and how do they work? Read on to find out.

Benefits of 3M Tint Films

Some of the advantages of these films are:

  • Reduce glare from the sun
  • Reduce heat gain in the summer months and heat loss in the winter months
  • Block up to 98% of the harmful UV rays
  • Provide clear visibility
  • Prevent glass pieces to get inside when the window is damaged
  • Reduce the problem of fading of furniture and fabric colors
  • Energy efficiency and great savings on electricity costs

How do these films work?

Standard colored or dyed films work on the principal of absorbing the radiation from the sun. The color of these films absorbs the radiation and reduces its direct transmission inside the car or a room. While these films do offer marginal protection, they are not as effective as 3M films which work on the reflective principal. Moreover, over long durations, standard films accumulate an intense amount of heat that increases thermal stress and may even break or crack the windows.

Special Coating

3M tint films minimize the amount of heat transmission by enhancing solar absorption as well as solar reflection. These films are metal coated to increase the solar reflection and absorption ability of glass substantially. Moreover, they also have a coating of patented abrasion resistant material for enhanced durability and to improve the appearance of your window.

If you are in the Philippines and are looking for 3M tint films, get in touch with an authorized retailer to know more about these films, how they can benefit you and the different options that can provide you. You can also check online for a reputed retailer who provides these films right to your doorstep. You can check from the range of options they provide on the site and select the ones that you know best match your needs.

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